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Digital Signature Server

Strong Authentication and online signature system

One Sign is a complete, strong authentication and online signature system. oneSign guarantee 100 % electronic services. it’s a primordial for e-Government, e-commerce, e-Finance,….e-services.

Online signature….What’s for?
In a new World where the electronic information exchange becomes predominant, the need for a secure contractual exchange method becomes urgent. The online signature is equivalent to the usual direct signature. It is also a juridical proof in case of litigations.

Why Online?
The ability to sign documents online (applications, contracts…) give birth to 100% electronic services. Your customer is not obliged any more to print your document and sign it before posting it to you.
With the online signature, your client can manage all the operations electronically. You save time and most important you can have new customers.

…and the strong authentication
The strong authentication can identify the person in a unique way.
The classic mode (login and password) is based on the knowledge of login and password. The strong authentication is based on the knowledge of a secret and a key generator (hardware or software). It is a solution that overcome the problem of password hacking.

  • Sign electronically a contract
  • Sign transfer order through internet
  • Sign invoice online
  • Sign electronic applications through internet
  • Access control to Back through Internet

Access electronic applications to back office and extranet services,…


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